EDERA Lab Consulting B.V. is a PR and Marketing service provider, specialized in deep-tech B2B start-ups.

We work with founders from Seed to Series B to fuel their message with targeted marketing and communication. We help them raise visibility with investors and prospect customers, to secure LOIs, support their PA efforts and build thought leadership through brand and marketing strategies, press office management and B2B social media execution.

Our services:

  • Brand Narrative & Marketing Strategy:
    A great brand identity, the right messages and a well-defined marketing plan will help you cut through the clutter and stay top-of-mind.
  • Targeted PR
    Drive visibility in relevant industry media, accelerate commercial partnerships and fundraise effectively.
  • LinkedIn Management
    LinkedIn is your key social media channel to stay relevant with B2B commercial partners and visible to investors.


Mace is a Law Firm focused on navigating founders through the legal maze, with expertise in ‘co-founder alignment’, ‘fundraising’, ‘stock options’, ‘IP’, ‘GDPR’, ‘contracting’ and ‘mergers & acquisitions’.


Cresco is a business law firm, with expertise in venture capital, mergers & acquisitions, technology contracting, intellectual property and corporate partnering transactions.

We provide the legal foundations for entrepreneurs, companies, investors and research institutions to collaborate and grow together.

As the first law firm in the Belgian market with an exclusive focus on entrepreneurship, we have enjoyed pioneering alongside our clients.

The spirit of exploration remains as we have grown into a strategic partner for companies large and small. As does our passion to make the next deal possible for our clients. And the next one after that.

Elements Advisory logo

Elements Advisory

Experts of Elements Advisory have been working with biocides for many years and can assisst you with:

  • Strategic advice: Overcome the regulatory challenges of product development, go-to-market roadmaps and other business-critical decisions.
  • Regulatory support: We identify your specific regulatory needs and support you with each aspect of dossier building for active substances or biocidal products.
  • Consortium management: Join a consortium to save money and in-house resources while still obtaining your own independent authorisation.
  • Trainings: Get your staff up-to-speed on regulatory matters. We offer in-company training and schedule open trainings too.