PFx Biotech

Powered by biology for a healthier life and better planet

PFx Biotech's proprietary manufacturing platform produces proteins that are structurally and functionally identical to the proteins found in breast milk.

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Our mission: solve meat

We are developing new technologies to better leverage the power of insect bioconversion and cultivated meat. Our technology platform can make insect bioconversion far more profitable and enable cultivated meat to become a mainstream alternative to slaughter-meat.

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Seeding a revolution in AgriTech

CDotBio offers RNAi-agrochemical manufacturers a platform technology that enhances nucleic acid delivery into plants, outperforming traditional adjuvants by shielding against nucleases and chemical degradation while boosting cellular uptake.

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Turning mushroom proteins into long-lasting biopesticides

Pestevene is driving innovation with a protein-based biopesticide that operates via a novel mechanism, to reduce dependency on synthetic pesticides and foster sustainable pest resistance management in agriculture.

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Making biosurfactants mainstream

AmphiStar offers an innovative portfolio of locally sourced biosurfactants to companies seeking to develop genuinely sustainable, performant & affordable products.

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Probiotic solutions for broiler producers

Elogium is developing probiotic animal feed additives to improve food safety, farming sustainability and profitability.

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A food startup based on plant-based fermentation

Probitat aims to develop fermented ingredients using their proprietary bacteria and sell or license them to the food industry in order to offer food solutions that are healthier, tastier and more sustainable to the consumer.

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Unlocking the power of seaweed to replace plastic

Join the seaweed revolution with B'ZEOS: Our specialized knowledge in seaweed-based packaging solutions empowers businesses to make eco-conscious choices without sacrificing performance or quality.

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Bolder Foods

Less Cow. More Pleasure. For Everyone.

We provide the missing piece of the cheese alternatives formulation puzzle.

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Resilient microbials manufactured from biomass residues

N-Fix is enabling regenerative agriculture, by converting residual biomass into microbial biofertilizers and biocontrols.

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