Join the seaweed revolution with B'ZEOS: Our specialized knowledge in seaweed-based packaging solutions empowers businesses to make eco-conscious choices without sacrificing performance or quality.

Urgent need for sustainable packaging solutions

Plastic waste contributes to significant environmental and climate challenges, annually ending up in oceans and emitting greenhouse gases. Current plastic packaging practices, relying on fossil fuels, result in harmful microplastics and human health risks. Regulatory pressures like the Single-Use Plastic Directive and consumer demands for sustainable alternatives are driving the need for environmentally friendly packaging solutions. However, existing bio-based alternatives often lack cost effectiveness, material properties, and quality, leaving a market gap for sustainable options.

Seaweed pellets: key to eco-conscious packaging

B’ZEOS uses seaweed to create environmentally friendly packaging solutions, avoiding microplastic formation. The technology utilizes up to 80% seaweed extracts (a.k.a biopolymers) and transforms them into pellets. These pellets are the foundation of all packaging and are used to develop flexible and semi-rigid materials via extrusion technologies. B’ZEOS’ seaweed-based pellets follow a plug-and-play approach, rendering the solution scalable and cost-effective. The final product is 100% bio-based and home-compostable, and can be discarded in a home compost pile; the material can break down in less than seven weeks — similar to an orange or banana peel.

B’Zeos has developed seaweed-based pellets with a range of formulations for different end applications (i.e flexible films, paper coating, rigid or semi-rigid packaging, etc.)

Breakthroughs in technology and securing funding

In the realm of B’Zeos technology, significant achievements stand out. They’ve pioneered the development of seaweed pellets, showcasing their adaptability across various conversion technologies such as thermoforming, cast film extrusion, extrusion coating, and injection molding. A recent breakthrough includes a fivefold increase in pellet production speed, underscoring our ability to scale rapidly. Furthermore, their dedication to innovation is evident as their first patent has advanced to the PCT level (PCT/EP2023/074261), while the second is underway, supported by thorough prior art searches and FTO analysis.

On the funding front, B’Zeos has successfully secured over €1 million in grants for the next 24 months, with promising prospects for additional public funding opportunities in the pipeline. Moreover, they have initiated a EUR2 million equity funding round, securing a term sheet with lead investors committing €1.1 million. As B’Zeos navigates advanced discussions, they remain optimistic about closing this round by the end of Q1 2024, further propelling the company toward its sustainable packaging vision.

On our technology

  • B’ZEOS’ technology boasts 100% biobased, biodegradable, and home compostable materials, exempting it from the Single Use Plastic Directive
  • Versatile pellets suitable for various applications, offering properties similar to cellophane and PLA while upholding sustainability standards
  • Exhibits properties similar to cellophane and PLA without compromising on sustainability

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