Elogium is developing probiotic animal feed additives to improve food safety, farming sustainability and profitability.

Every year, 10% of the global population falls ill with food-borne diseases, with the Nr. 1 cause being campylobacter, whose main carrier is chicken. As of 2025, the European Union has taken a proactive step by reducing the allowed level of campylobacter presence in chickens by 30%. The chicken broiler farmers are aware they cannot fulfill the new requirements by using the existing safeguarding practices, namely, biosecurity at farms (keeping campylobacter and other food pathogens out).

Our product eliminates campylobacter directly within the chicken gut system, significantly mitigating the risk of contamination for consumers of chicken meat. Furthermore, similar to leading probiotic solutions on the market, it improves the feed conversion of broilers. This means achieving equivalent meat production while using less feed, translating to substantial cost savings and increased profitability as 70% of costs in broiler farming are related to feed consumption.

Elogium has secured EUR 550,000 in pre-seed funding. In terms of scientific achievements, the startup has conducted an impactful in vivo challenge study, demonstrating an impressive 96% reduction of campylobacter in the cecum. Additionally, multiple in vivo studies have showcased notable improvements in feed conversion rates. During the biotope program, Elogium has expanded its team by welcoming an experienced in-house business advisor. Furthermore, they have developed a comprehensive regulatory roadmap for successful feed additive authorization in the EU.

On our technology

  • There are currently no other cost-effective preventive methods for campylobacter control in poultry
  • Our patent-pending Bacillus subtilis strain demonstrates a remarkably potent anti-campylobacter action, a unique characteristic not observed with any other known bacterial strain
  • Other solutions under development, such as bacteriophages and vaccines, have shown unsatisfactory results in all publicly available in vivo animal trials

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