A tailored support journey


Typically, three startups participating in our basecamp pass our Investment Committee’s selection. These startups are invited to biotope’s 12-month tailored journey, which includes a €250k cash investment. This program has one single goal in mind: to get your startup ready for seed funding in 12 months.

What makes thebiotope incubatorprogram unique?

greenhouse infrastructure

access not just skills training, but also real lab and greenhouse infrastructure

human centric team

foster intrinsic human-centricity within our team, allowing your team to grow by focusing on strengths and capacities

state of the art facilities

connect with scientific experts and gain access to state-of-the-art facilities for technology validation

scale up funding

receive early blended funding: a €300K convertible loan, potentially supplemented with grant funding

personal growth

ensure a personal growth path by supporting only a few startups per cohort (on average 3)


Think you've got what it takes?

  • Take part in our program to rapidly advance your technology
  • Grow the confidence of you and your team
  • Turn your startup into an investment-ready business
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