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Cohort 5 - spring '24

Another Food SG Unleashing the power of plant cells to brew sustainable coffee
B3ET BE Transforming uprooted apple wood into bio-based products for the food, agriculture, and cosmetics industrie
BioArmix IL Developing a new biocontrol agent against bacteria-driven diseases
Corium Biotech PT Creating exotic leather in the lab
I-Challenge BE Preventing food waste by easy shelf-life prediction
Kiana Agriculture NL Developing climate-smart biological inputs for sustainable agriculture and soil regeneration
Lantana Bio FR Engineering yeasts to produce polyphenols for food, beverages and personal care products
MadeSweetly UK Harnessing microbes to access the sweetness of nature
OXYCO ES Producing affordable vegan melanin for food, cosmetics and nanotech
Plantilizer DE Producing tailor-made biofertilizers by combining microorganisms and biochar
Vienna Textile Lab AT Revolutionizing textile dyes and pigments through microbiology and green chemistry

Cohort 4 - autumn '23

FlyBlast BE Genetically engineering black soldier flies to produce recombinant proteins and growth factors for use in growth medium for cultivated meat
Alt Atlas GB Developing novel stem cell lines and trustworthy AI solutions to transform the economics and enable the mass production of cultivated meats
AuraLIP FR Low Impact Protein 🌎🍀 - Crafting fermented ingredients from hemp seeds with customised texture and taste for the food industry
Biofect Innovations CA Unveiling a protein-based sweetener, 2000x sweeter than sugar, using our proprietary microbial fermentation platform
Better Pulse IL Enhancing food security with black-eyed pea-derived plant-based protein
BFT Slovakia SK Developing a new method for sugar beet processing on to new alternative sweeteners and ingredients for sugar reduction in food with health benefits
ExSeed Ltd BG Creating a novel technology for the extraction of protein from sunflower oil production residues
MINAGRO BE Maximize Your Impact - Developing biobased agrochemical ingredients for a greener future
Moreshrooms AS NO Using mycoprotein from fungi with seaweed as a renewable carbon source
PFx Biotech, Lda PT Crafting human milk protein ingredients through precision fermentation
PolyPea BE Developing biobased and biodegradable water-soluble film from agrifood by-products such as pea starch
PUXANO BE Creating protein-based crop protection agents using structure-based protein engineering

Cohort 3 - spring ‘23

Alt Biotech FR Producing animal-free and affordable growth factors to solve a major bottleneck in the development of cell culture
Planet IT Mycelium-based water-saving planting device to scale up dryland biosaline reforestation
Humati.co PL An extraction technology for biomass upcycling and conversion of agricultural waste into organic fertilizer
Pestevene LV Lipid-targeting biopesticides with resistance stability delivered by plants
CdotBio UK Flexible methods for crop transformation using gene-loaded carbon nanodots for resilient and sustainable agriculture
Umami United BE Developing a range of plant-based products & solutions by fermentation and clean label flavour pairing
GOVA FI Natural sweetener to disrupt the sugar-free industry and counter the obesity epidemic
Bluana RO Providing high-quality, sustainable, and cost-effective plant-based seafood products
STEM FR Cell-based coffee cultivation, roasting, brewing across multiple product formats

Cohort 2 - autumn ‘22

AmphiStar BE Making biosurfactants mainstream
Sibö BV NL Bridging the gap between insects and food
Elogium LV Probiotic solutions for broiler producers
PlantiBodies FR Seeding the future of next-generation plant-based immunotherapies
B’ZEOS NO Sustainable Seaweed-Based Packaging
Prozymi Biolabs UK Creating delicious gluten-free bread from wheat
Probitat FI A food startup based on plant-based fermentation
Vsycle BE Developing novel protein biomaterials
Peelon US Biodegradable packaging solutions that triple the shelf-life of fresh produce
Neofarm SN Harnesses the power of insects to produce high-quality feeds and crops

Cohort 1 - spring ‘22

N-Fix BE Addresses the major sustainability challenges of livestock farming, by converting manure into value-added products: hydrochar and liquid fertiliser
Bolder Foods BE Creating an innovative non-dairy cheese using biomass fermentation of natural (non-GM) microbes as a main ingredient
Tolveg BR Aims to increase agriculture production through an organic, cheap, 
Norbite SE Upcycles plastic waste into healthy food solutions by means of an insect-based biorefinery
Plantik Biosciences FR Building next-generation plant breeding technologies based on genome-editing to create better plants much faster, starting with hemp
STH Biotech FR Using plant biotechnology and metabolic engineering to unlock the access to 
Calidris Bio BE Fermentative production of bacterial biomass rich in protein as an ingredient for feed short term and food mid-long term
Esencia Foods DE Build vegan, alternative seafood for end consumers, leveraging mushroom mycelium solid state fermentation 
PLANeT Biotech ES Produce therapeutic compounds for crops to tolerate climate stress by acting on specific plant cells

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