We are developing new technologies to better leverage the power of insect bioconversion and cultivated meat. Our technology platform can make insect bioconversion far more profitable and enable cultivated meat to become a mainstream alternative to slaughter-meat.

At FlyBlast, we believe that insect bioconversion has the potential to create a sustainable and equitable food system.

Our technology platform will make insect bioconversion far more profitable and scalable, enabling more companies to enter the market and roll-out facilities to convert underutilized organic side streams into high-value products, on top of the regular proteins, lipids and frass.

At the same time, our platform will blast through the biggest barriers to cultivated meat becoming a mainstream alternative to slaughter-meat. We can enable cultivated meat companies to create high-quality cultivated products that are cost-competitive with traditional meat.

Insect bioconversion 2.0 with Black Soldier Flies

  • The Black Soldier Fly’s scientific name is Hermetia illucens, but the industry calls it “BSF”.
  • The BSF is not considered a pest, it is safe to breed in Europe, and it does not transmit disease. It is therefore an ideal candidate for large-scale insect farming.
  • In fact, the BSF is widely recognized as one of the most sustainable sources of protein in the world.

“We believe our products will enable the cultivated meat industry to produce sustainable, nutritious, and delicious meat products that are better for the planet and better for consumers.”

Johan Jacobs

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