Bolder Foods

We provide the missing piece of the cheese alternatives formulation puzzle.

Cheese is the 3rd most carbon-intensive food product. Consumers want more dairy alternatives, but the current toolkit available to dairy companies and (alt) cheese producers cannot create products that appeal to a wide group of consumers.

Bolder Foods’ first product is MycoVeg, a natural bulk that delivers both taste and texture for non-GMO, clean-label cheese alternatives and, more importantly, creates creamy and delicious alternatives. Cheese alternatives are made with our proprietary ingredient “MycoVeg” – a natural bulk made through biomass fermentation that delivers both taste and texture with a clean label.

Led by co-founders Ilana and Michael, Bolder Foods has achieved significant milestones across multiple fronts. With a patent pending status, they are at the forefront of innovation, while their initiation of corporate trials, including one underway and two slated for Q1 2024, underscores their commitment to real-world testing and validation. Securing €1.5 million in equity and grant funding has provided the necessary resources for growth, complementing their amazing five-person team, whose diverse expertise and dedication drive our success.

On our technology

  • Mycoprotein developed specifically for dairy and cheese applications
  • Cost-effective, non-GMO
  • Unique mycoprotein and vegetable blend
  • Natural, clean-label

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