Meet our Spring ‘24 cohort

As the fifth edition of the biotope basecamp draws near, it is time to announce which startups have been selected to join our unique accelerator program.

This cohort of startups and founders hails from 10 different countries across Europe, the Middle-East and Asia and covers a diversity of innovative platforms, seeking to solve a wide variety of AgFood challenges, creating healthier, more sustainable products and industries.

Here are the twelve selected startups:

  • Another Food (Singapore) – Using plant cells to brew sustainable coffee.
  • Argento Labs (United Kingdom) – Converting agricultural waste into valuable products using bioprocessing technology.
  • B3ET (Belgium) – Turning uprooted apple wood into bio-based products.
  • BioArmix Ltd (Israel) – Developing a new biocontrol agent against bacteria-driven diseases.
  • Corium Biotech (Portugal) – Crafting lab-grown exotic leather.
  • I-Challenge (Belgium) – Aiding in food waste reduction with easy shelf-life prediction.
  • Kiana Agriculture (The Netherlands) – Developing climate-smart biological inputs for sustainable agriculture and soil regeneration.
  • Lantana Bio (France) – Engineering yeasts to produce polyphenols for food, beverages, and personal care products.
  • MadeSweetly (United Kingdom) – Harnessing microbes to access natural sweetness.
  • Oxyco (Spain) – Producing affordable vegan melanin for food, cosmetics, and nanotech.
  • Plantilizer GmbH (Germany) – Creating tailor-made biofertilizers by combining microorganisms and biochar.
  • Vienna Textile Lab (Austria) – Revolutionizing textile dyes and pigments through microbiology and green chemistry.

On May 28th we kick off with a series of workshops taking place in Ghent, Belgium. With such a diverse and committed lineup, this edition of our basecamp promises to be fertile ground for innovative ideas and meaningful partnerships.

We look forward to the intense journey together!

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