That’s a wrap on our 2023 autumn basecamp

Twelve startups joined the biotope basecamp this month! After three electrifying weeks, all founders pitched their innovative concept, approach and team to our board of investors at the Basecamp Summit.

That's a wrap on our 2023 autumn basecamp

The curtains have closed on the fourth edition of our biotope basecamp–three weeks of intense collaboration centered around refining ideas and concepts.

During the program, startups engaged in workshops, mentorship sessions, and collaborative activities, under the guidance of our industry experts. Each startup, in its unique way, advanced in its journey, contributing to the collective growth of the group.

The diverse range of participating startups reflects the ongoing efforts to navigate challenges within the agrifood sector. From agtech innovations to sustainable food production models, the projects displayed the potential for positive change within the industry.

Our sincere thanks go out to all our participants, mentors, and partners who made the autumn 2023 basecamp edition a resounding success. As we wrap up, we look forward to what’s next for this wonderful group of entrepreneurs.

Stay tuned for more updates on the experiences and outcomes of our Basecamp Summit.

Meet our autumn 2023 cohort

  • Alt Atlas UK | Developing novel stem cell lines and trustworthy AI solutions to transform the economics and enable the mass production of cultivated meats
  • AuraLIP Low Impact Protein FR | Crafting fermented ingredients from hemp seeds with customised texture and taste for the food industry
  • Biofect Innovations CA | Unveiling a protein-based sweetener, 2000x sweeter than sugar, using our proprietary microbial fermentation platform
  • Better Pulse IL | Enhancing food security with black-eyed pea-derived plant-based protein
  • BFT Slovakia SK | Developing a new method for sugar beet processing on to new alternative sweeteners and ingredients for sugar reduction in food with health benefits
  • ExSeed Ltd BG | Creating a novel technology for the extraction of protein from sunflower oil production residues
  • FlyBlast BE | Genetically engineering black soldier flies to produce recombinant proteins and growth factors for use in growth medium for cultivated meat
  • MINAGRO – Maximize Your Impact BE | Developing biobased agrochemical ingredients for a greener future
  • Moreshrooms AS NO |Using mycoprotein from fungi with seaweed as a renewable carbon source
  • PFx Biotech, Lda PT | Crafting human milk protein ingredients through precision fermentation
  • PolyPea BE | Developing biobased and biodegradable water-soluble film from agrifood by-products such as pea starch
  • PUXANO BE | Creating protein-based crop protection agents using structure-based protein engineering


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