Our spring 2023 cohort is ready for basecamp!

We're excited to announce the top 10 applicants that have been selected to take part in our 3-week biotope basecamp! Once again a broad range of agrifood innovations from entrepreneurs around the world.

a tailored journey biotech startup workshop

We’re excited to announce the top 10 startups that have been selected to take part in our 3- week biotope basecamp. Bring on the basecamp!

Alt Biotech (France): Producing animal free and affordable growth factors to solve a major bottleneck in the development of cell culture

Planet (Italy): Mycelium-based water saving planting device to scale up dryland biosaline reforestation

Humati.co (Poland): An extraction technology for biomass upcycling and converstion of agricultural waste into organic fertilizer, which can replace chemical fertilizer

Pestevene (Latvia): Lipid-targeting biopesticides with resistance stability delivered by plants – MVP are potatoes with incorporated protection against Colorado potato beetle, next is WCR resistant corn

CdotBio (England): Flexible methods for crop transformation using gene-loaded carbon nanodots for resilient and sustainable agriculture

Umami United (Belgium): Developing a range of plantbased products & solutions both B2C & B2B empowered by fermentation and clean label flavour pairing

GOVA (Finland): Natural sweetener to disrupt the sugar-free industry and counter the obesity epidemic

Bluana (Romania): Providing high-quality, sustainable, and cost-effective plant-based seafood products by developing proprietary technology for healthy and delicious alternative options

STEM (France): Cell-based coffee cultivation (localised production), roasting, brewing across multiple product formats

Circe Biotechnologie (Austria): Converting waste via biogas and syngas to biopolymers and single cell protein (SCP) for feed and food

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