Startup biotope incubator program – summer

Thrilled to announce the fabulous startups selected for the biotope incubator program: Bolder Foods and N-Fix!
Over the following year, our team and mentors will work hands-on with these great #agtech and #foodtech entrepreneurs to take their #biotech innovations to the next level. With a head start on funding, and access to technology and labs, we're aiming to get these companies ready for seed-stage investment by 2023. Excited to support these teams and technologies!

Bolder Foods

Less Cow. More Pleasure. For Everyone.

We provide the missing piece of the cheese alternatives formulation puzzle.

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Resilient microbials manufactured from biomass residues

N-Fix is enabling regenerative agriculture, by converting residual biomass into microbial biofertilizers and biocontrols.

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Startup biotope incubator program - summer

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Probitat interview

Carme and Atte - Probitat interview - Biotope Incubator

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