Talking fundraising with Sophie Roelants and Ruben Schoenmaekers

We launch our podcast ‘Harvesting Innovation’ with a first episode on fundraising, featuring Sophie Roelants (AmphiStar) and Ruben Schoenmaekers (mace).

At biotope, we’re dedicated to nurturing groundbreaking ideas and fostering innovation. In addition to our biannual basecamp and tailored support offer, we are now launching a podcast series in which we dive deeper into the challenges and triumphs of founders.

In each episode, we’ll bring you insightful conversations with founders, investors, mentors and industry experts who are driving innovation in agrifood. From navigating market trends to overcoming regulatory hurdles, “Harvesting Innovation” aims to offer strategic insights and practical advice for aspiring founders and anyone with an interest in startup life in biotech.

In our very first episode, we dive into the fundraising journey with founder Sophie Roelants (AmphiStar) and legal advisor Ruben Schoenmakers (mace). 

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